Packers and Movers Haldia

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Packers and Movers Haldia

Trinetra Packers and Movers Haldia

A warm welcome to Trinetra Packers and Movers Haldia. Relocation is something that may arise before you at any time in your life. You may not feel comfortable with packing and moving of your total belongings. Don’t worry, Trinetra Packers and Movers Haldia is here to assist you in your every need to manage the job in Haldia. We are in this area for a couple of years and established our brand in the market of relocation. Today, people think of us when they think to shift their home, office, car or anything from their places. to another. Haldia people feel free to consult any query with us for our friendly approach. We are proud of our experts who are always ready to serve you in the best possible way. We make our clients tension-free with our dedicated services. Hence, whenever you think to shift, think of us.

Packers and Movers Haldia

Types of Shifting Estimated Charges
Complete Office Rs. 6000-18000
1 BHK HouseRs. 3000-9000
2 BHK HouseRs. 5000-14000
3 BHK HouseRs. 6000-18000
4 BHK HouseRs. 7500-20000
Some Office Goods Rs. 3500-9500
Few Household GoodsRs. 2500-8000

Intercity Shifting Cost of Packers and Movers in Haldia

MOVING TYPEUPTO 350 KM350-750 KM750-1300 KM1300-1700 KM
1 BHK HouseRs. 6000-14000Rs. 8500-19000Rs. 10000-21000Rs. 11500-24000
2 BHK HouseRs. 8000-17500Rs. 10000-24000Rs. 12000-26000Rs. 13000-29000
3 BHK HouseRs. 10000-20000Rs. 11500-25000Rs. 13000-28000Rs. 15000-35000
4 BHK HouseRs. 13000-25000Rs. 15000-30000Rs. 17000-34000Rs. 18000-38000
Vehicle TransportRs. 3000-5500Rs. 6000-8500Rs. 9500-13000Rs. 11000-15000
Office MovingRs. 11000-25000Rs. 15000-30000Rs. 20000-35000Rs. 25000-40000

The Way We Serve :

Trinetra Packers and Movers started the journey with home relocation jobs. With time, we added office, car or any other shifting in our service cart. Today, we are competent in heavy industrial moving at ease. Besides packing and moving, we also offer insurance coverage. It is to combat any loss while in transit. Our separate department takes care of such unforeseen incidents. They strive to settle it down at the earliest. We are proud to offer our customers the unique facility of storing and warehousing. When you need to store your valuables for a short or long time, you can use our warehouses which are safe and secured. They are so widespread that even you can store your vehicles there. Our warehouses are also under insurance coverage. Hence, your things are safe with us until you reach your destination.

Packers and Movers Haldia
Packers and Movers Haldia

Our Unique Way

Trinetra Packers and Movers focus on safety that we care from the very beginning. Our experts stress on packing your things with different materials as per the need. After the packing, we label the packs to care them while handling for loading and unloading. We are equipped for lifting with modern machinery. Also, we help to settle down in your new address. We customise our plans as per your need. Thus, our charges vary from case to case. We offer our uniqueness in every handling from customers to goods. We believe in long term business. Our pleased customers refer our name many times to their know circle. In this way we are also increasing our business year after year. Hence, people find Trinetra Packers and Movers comfortable in their every need.

Trinetra packers and movers is transperant in any monetery terms. It is the another uniqueness of the company. All financial matters are settled by the office in the presence of ou executive manager. Once it is settled, that is the final for us. In this context, it is also to be mentioned that there is no hidden charges in our services. Our service charges are reasonable and fixed. If discounts are alloted to the clients, we inform them about it clearly. We have many branches in West Bengal. Our top services are also available at Belgharia, PanihatiMadhyamgramKhardah, Sodepur and many other locations of the state.

Packing Moving Charges Within Haldia :

1 BHKRs. 5000-6000Rs. 8000-9000
2 BHKRs. 8000-9000Rs. 10000-12000
3 BHKRs. 11500-13000Rs. 13000-15500
4 BHKRs. 15000-17000Rs. 17500-19500
5 BHKRs.16500-18750Rs. 17500- 19550
1 BHK SWIFTRs. 6500-8500Rs. 10000-12500
2 BHK SWIFT Rs. 10500-12500Rs. 13000-15550
3 BHK SWIFTRs. 13000-15000Rs. 15500-17500
4 BHK SWIFTRs. 17500-19500Rs. 19000-21550
5 BHK SWIFTRs. 19000-21000Rs. 20000-22500

Points to Guard your Plan for Shifting:

Perhaps you are now ready to relocate at your new address. But still, some factors create trouble on the same day. Your every plan can go in vain for a few undesired conditions. It will be helpful for you if you know them well before and take care in advance.

1. Weather fluctuations: Nobody can predict climatic changes. Such variations are beyond your control. You will be in an odd situation when massive storm or rain occurs on the same day of your moving. It will destroy your plan as a whole. That’s why Trinetra Packers and Movers suggests to call and book your packer and mover at least 3 to 4 days prior to your final day. If it is done so, you have enough time to tackle the odd situation in some other way. Thus, your motto for a comfortable shifting will not be hampered.

2. Go For Reputed Company: Trinetra Packers and Movers always guide its customers to compare the rates for the same job in the market. So, when you are running in advance, you will get time to research on the given price for the same job. It will save your money and make you tension free. Thus you can get your desired services at just price. Feel free to discuss your need with Trinetra Packers and Movers from the very beginning. Finalise the date for packing and moving. When it is done, you can make your target for the final move and arrange yourself like way.

3. Occurrence of Injuries: Injuries may occur when you are in a hurry for running behind the time. Everybody wants to get back in daily life as early as possible. Hence, they are planned for any fixed date. So, keep in touch with your packers and movers and keep a strong follow-up. Otherwise, if you thought to make it of your own, take help of others in packing and lifting the things. Concentrate on packing of the sharp items. Else, there is every possibility for a severe injury any muscular strain, that can create more delay in returning to daily schedule.

4. Be Organised: As Trinetra Packers and Movers guides you, remain organised from very first when you are ready for your shifting. Whether it is packers and movers or you do it of your own, you need to be organised. Keep a close eye on the small things like keys, nut and bolts etc. which can be lost in shifting, many times. These little things create major problems if can’t be found in time. Also, you can make a list of the total items that are to move. Hence, necessary preparations will save your time and energy while in the move.

5. Traffic Route: Many times, it is the matter, people never keep in mind. But Trinetra Packers and Movers also plan with you for the route to follow. Your destination may have another short way which you didn’t know. Enough parking space is also required in the time of loading and unloading. The time to travel is also important; roads may not be that free in the office hours. Hence, you must consider all of these factors to make your relocation a smooth one.

If you are relocating for the first time, take help from a popular relocation company like Trinetra Packers and Movers. Our experienced workforce will guide you in every step and make your shifting a memorable one.

Cost of Packers and Movers in Haldia for Other Cities Services

From -ToCost of Shared Truck Cost of Private Truck
Haldia-BangaloreRs. 15000-22000Rs. 21000-27000
Haldia-HyderabadRs. 12000-20000Rs. 22000-27000
Haldia-DelhiRs. 14000-20000Rs. 28000-34000
Haldia-MumbaiRs. 14000-19000Rs. 24000-28000
Haldia-PuneRs. 13000-18000Rs. 23000-28000


There are many reasons to choose us in your need –

i) We are present at your locality; – Wide Network.
ii) We do packing at your doorstep; – Safety of Things.
iii)We are pocket-friendly in charges; – Reasonable Price.
iv) You can access our every move; – Transparent.
v) You can get us in your reallocation job; – Helping till End.
vi) Your every query is entertained; – Friendly Approach.
vii) We remove your anxiety; – Tension Free.
viii) Variety of services in any relocation; – All under One.
ix) Own transportation service; – Timely Delivery.
x) IBA approved hence authentic. – Reliability.

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