Transporter in Kolkata

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transporter in kolkata

Transporter in Kolkata

Trinetra Transporter in Kolkata is one of the most important transport service providers in India. This company has many branches across the country and is capable of providing its customers with efficient services. Their main services include road transport, besides we provide rail transport and air transport from Kolkata All these services are able to meet the requirements of our customers at very low costs. This transport service provider provides both refrigerated and non-refrigerated trucks to carry goods and freight at very reasonable prices. Most of their trucks are equipped with modern engines that ensure smooth movement of the goods.

In addition, Trinetra transporter in Kolkata also provides storage services at low prices to their clients. These services have proved very popular among people as they can store their goods for long periods without worrying about it. Since the transport of goods does not pose any threat to the security of your goods; you can leave it to the transporter of your choice. This ensures that your goods are safe at all times.

The goods can be delivered to the destination specified by you within the required time. There are also many other services offered by them including refrigerated trailers and non-refrigerated trailers. You can easily choose a transport service depending on the type of products that you are looking to transport. It is also important to know the number of containers available with them so that you can pick the best vehicle that suits your needs. Most of these transport companies have tie-ups with the large industrial units and retailers so that they can get a share of the retail business.

With a transporter in Kolkata, you will not have to worry about the security of your goods as the drivers are well trained. They are well equipped with all the necessary equipment to transport any type of goods. However, our transport company in Kolkata is always the best choice to transport goods from Kolkata to any part of India safely. These services use sophisticated techniques like CCTV, tracking systems, and alarms to keep the transportation process safe and secure. The drivers can keep track of the exact location of the goods being transported so that they are able to deliver them to their correct destination.

Trinetra transporter in Kolkata is always ready to help our clients at any time of the day. We provide reliable transport services at affordable prices. These services are highly efficient and offer you the maximum amount of flexibility in transportation. Therefore it is always important to go for these services whenever you need transport services in Kolkata.

Transporter in Kolkata :

Services We Provide Related to Goods Transport in Kolkata

Logistic services are a kind of transport industry and if we provide our services related to transport by truck, it means that we provide all the transport needs of its customer. For instance, if one needs to transport heavy goods, then we can provide all transport needs to them starting from transporting the heavy goods to delivering them at the destination. We have a huge variety of transport by truck options in our logistic services section and you can choose a transport by truck option according to your need and budget. Here in this article we provide information about different transport by truck options.

Freight services:

Freight services are the most common transport mode by truck and we provide all kinds of freight services starting from household goods to factory production and many more. We transport almost all kinds of products and goods by using our truck fleets. For instance, if you need to transport factory produce to the industrial place, then we can provide you with a truck loaded with factory produce and deliver it at the industrial area.

Logistics Services:

Logistics is one of the most important aspects to a company, and we provide all types of logistics services in Kolkata. We also cover customs & deliveries, road transport, cargo, warehousing & storage, and air & sea shipping services for all types of products and materials. Our services cover goods ranging from textiles to machinery and engineering equipment and are specialized in the transport of all types of goods as per our customer's specific needs.

All of our services are tailored to suit each individual customer's needs and are made according to the nature of the products that we are offering. We provide services such as air freight & air cargo services, parcel delivery services, vehicle transportation & pickup, door-to-door delivery services, and freight forwarders. We offer freight insurance and guarantee programs and have tie-ups with leading shipping companies. We are one of the largest freight forwarding organizations in India.

We provide services to the manufacturing industries, retail industries, and all other kinds of businesses in Kolkata. Most of our clients are manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of products. We also provide services to all the states of India and help in the growth of their respective economies. We have a dedicated team of efficient and highly qualified professionals who work together to ensure that our clients get the maximum benefit from our services. Our services are flexible and comprehensive, and we value the time and money spent on them.

Full Truck Load Service (FTL) and Part Truck Load Service (PTL)

When it comes to meeting the customer's needs and requirements regarding full truckload service on the road, our company has always been consistent in delivering a top-notch quality of performance. We also provide part truck load service depending on your requirement. Every vehicle that we have is engineered to provide our clients with an excellent level of safety, reliability, and efficiency. We also make sure that we provide a complete solution to all your transportation requirements. Our professional team is committed to delivering only the best type of goods for our valued customers. This is why we are one of the leading freight brokers in Kolkata and are constantly looking to improve our fleet with new vehicles and other advanced services.

Transport Charges from Kolkata to Delhi

From - ToTypeLengthRate
Kolkata - DelhiContainer20 ftRs. 57000
Kolkata - DelhiOpen20 ftRs. 56000
Kolkata - DelhiTrailer20 ftRs. 62000
Kolkata - DelhiContainer22 ftRs. 62000
Kolkata - DelhiTrailer22 ftRs. 65000
Kolkata - DelhiSingle Axle32 ftRs. 70000
Kolkata - DelhiMulti Axle32 ftRs. 74000
Kolkata - DelhiTrailer32 ftRs. 76000
Kolkata - DelhiTrailer40 ftRs. 89000

Warehouse Services or Storage Services for Domestic Goods Or Office Goods

If you are looking for a safe and secure storage facility for your valuable domestic or office goods, then there is nothing better than warehouse services that can be found in Kolkata. In fact, we can provide such a wide range of services in Kolkata that are suited to almost every business type and size. For instance, if you need a specialized and fully equipped warehouse, we can set up one for you as quickly as 24 hours, and even help you set it up if you do not have a permanent facility. This is because we have expert warehouse services that are specially trained in every aspect of warehousing, including the design and installation of new warehouses, the management of stock and packaging, and the operation of our fully automated storage facilities.

Transport Solutions for Various Sectors:

Household Goods Transport:

Household goods can also be transported using our transport by truck services and sometimes it may happen that you need to transport household goods like food items, clothes and others to different locations in your city. When you transport goods by truck, it will take much longer time and the cost will increase as well. So, if you want to save your time and cost for transportation of household goods, then you should use our trucking services. You can either call us or get in touch with us online so that we will provide you with transport by truck services related to your needs. Most of our clients are usually looking for transport by truck services because they save both time and cost for transportation of their household goods.

Industrial Transport Services:

If you need to transport inflammable materials, then you should use our services for transportation by truck. We provide all the types of freight services required for transportation of inflammable materials by trucks. For instance, if you transport cement by trucks, then we provide all the fuel, lubricants, additives, stabilizers and the like for transportation. The most important thing about fuel and other materials is that they should not be exposed to weather conditions, moisture, fog, strong sunlight or any kind of harmful dust. Also, they should be protected against explosion and fire.

If you need to transport inflammable substances like antifreeze, gasoline, iodine etc., then we provide all the essential trucking services for these goods. Also, we provide the services of transport of hazardous materials and combustible materials. It is very dangerous to transport these materials by your own transport because they can ignite and cause a huge disaster. Therefore, it is better to call us for freight transport services.

Transportation of dangerous and toxic liquids is also our speciality. Therefore, if you want to send explosive liquids like petrol, kerosene, diesel, liquid petroleum gas, paint thinner, sulfuric acid, insecticides etc., then we provide you with complete freight services. Other than this, we also transport perishable goods and perishables with special containers. In short, we provide all types of transportation services and it is not a problem to find out what type of service you need.

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